Dinesh is currently running columns in Mail Today (India Today Group), Rediff.comDNA, Metro India and other publications.

Some of his latest writings can be accessed at

During the thirty years of journalism, Dinesh has written hundreds of exclusive news stories, edit and oped page articles, features, analysis, book reviews, travel pieces and interviews.

These have appeared in Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mail Today, Bangkok Post,,, The Telegraph, Observer of Business and Politics, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, The Lancet, Yale Global, Environmental Health Perspectives, Down to Earth, Span, Vidura, Grassroots, Jansatta and other publications.

The best way to access articles written in the past 10 to 15 years is to Google ‘Dinesh C Sharma’ along with subject or with the name of publication. For instance : ‘Dinesh C Sharma Lancet’ or ‘Dinesh C Sharma Indiatoday’, ‘Dinesh C Sharma cancer’, ‘Dinesh C Sharma MCI’ etc.



One response to “Articles

  1. Hello Dinesh,
    I am a physician in Denver, Colorado USA interested in the Bhopal disaster and the lung toxicity of methyl isocyanate. I have tried for several years now to make contact with anyone that might have access to lung samples (from autopsies or biopsies) that might have been properly prepared (eg fixed) at the time of the disaster so that they could be further studied later. We have never located the ‘right person’ or ‘correct bureau in the Indian government that might help us access such samples. If you have any special contacts in India that might be helpful to us, please let me know. Our group has a strong record in other toxic lung diseases (mustard gas, chlorine etc) for discovering the disease pathogenesis and developing new treatments. We would like to try to do that here, starting with valid historical information, and if possible, real tissue specimens from the disaster.
    thank you,

    Carl W. White, MD
    Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Pediatric Airway Research Center
    University of Colorado Denver
    Director, Denver-based NIH CounterACT (Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats) U54 Research Program

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